Vandalism on the rise!

We woke up this morning to a string of Vandalism on the Streets of the Independent Dictatorship State of Wanstead.

Broken Glass, Vomit, littering are just a few acts we witnessed this morning but nothing could prepare us to the broken fence surrounding Bike Trax in Cambridge Park Road!

This violent act of crime has upset many of the locals. Marigold (53) said she had never seen anything like it before:

“I have never seen anything like it before!”

George (47) from Park Road is really concerned about security:

“I am really concerned about the security of my property and possessions. I will now have to install cameras on the outside of my home and make the butler do night shifts sat in the Jaguar to keep a watchful eye out for the ruffians”

And Felix (25 and lives with his parents) said he was shocked:

“I am shocked”

This is dreadful news for Wanstead House Prices. Coupled with the non starting M&S store, the evil Parking restrictions and the closure last year of Judith’s et al, Wanstead is going to struggle to make the Sunday Times shortlist next year for one of the best places to live.We need to take action!

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