M&S have forced the closure of Local business

Shock news today. one of Wanstead’s most loved restaurants has been seized by the Landlord so that the fabled M&S store can open…

This is disgusting! No consultation, no surveys, no vote.

YOU, the wanstead conservation Mafia have done this and you have taken it too far now.

Yes the establishment was a rough diamond, but a diamond it was. Fantastic food and good value.

We ask that people let the landlords know how disgusting this is. Boycott M&S, why do we need it anyway!

A sad day.. I hope you are happy @Wansteadium

4 thoughts on “M&S have forced the closure of Local business”

  1. I think you’re giving too much credit to the lit-sign-warriors.

    M&S would have contacted the landlords and offered them a wedge of money to knock it down which they’ve accepted. Nothing more nuanced than that.


  2. I’m bussiness owner please remove this off your website as this sort of news effect custom and bussiness, if you wish to come down I invite personally, and try our food and then you can judge for yourself. Your sencerley SAJU.A


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