Let’s Pool together – an open letter to Wanstead

So, we have had confirmation over the weeks from Jas Athwal that Wanstead will be getting the promised pool. We also now know that it will be on the current site of Wanstead High school.

This is fantastic news! No longer do we have to get in the car and drive to a nearby pool in Walthamstow, Leyton and beyond or Forest School (although they do excellent swimming lessons), nor do we have to jump on the tube to Stratford to freeze to the bone in the Olympic Pool. It’s also a plus for the school, which has took a beating in Ofsted ratings of late. It is worth noting however that is is currently ‘Good’ but with more facilities this could help it achieve ‘Outstanding’.

But with the positive news comes the hate. We can already feel the ‘We want a gold star consultation that suits us and ultimately a NO decision’ and the pathetic excuses about how Harold (89) cannot use the pool as he has to call to book a session and he does not have a mobile phone. And the pool only has 19 disabled spaces but unfortunately, although he can drive and is a keyboard warrior at night, cannot apply for a blue permit, because during the day he forgets how to use a computer. Although he would qualify for a badge, well because he’s 89!

Then with this, Paul Canal will promise to have the scheme scrapped if you vote Conservative in the next local election. Anything for a vote with them guys.

Previous ‘No’ campaigners have stated that the traffic will increase and is bad! Really?

  • The pool is in Wanstead and therefore will prevent people having to get into their cars to drive to other pools, thus reducing traffic.
  • Why would out of towners come to Wanstead when they have their own pool? With Ilford getting one and other areas already having them, it means people will stay where they live.
  • If we did have out of towners coming, then surely this will be good for the High Street business? You know, the High Street that’s dying because locals now have to walk to the shops rather than drive 20 meters around the corner thus leaving ample spaces for others to park and pay for the privilege. The same as they do in pretty much every town now!

Look, we are not saying that the pool is for everyone. Sure a lot of residents won’t use it and therefore will complain about the waste of the Tax Payers money etc.. but there is always going to be an opposing argument to any decision made.

However in Wanstead we have a team of professional campaigners who just want to be heard. They line up things to complain about in order to get a small victory and some recognition of their existence. You know who you are.

Wanstead, if you have not noticed, is a hub for young families. We truly believe that Wanstead is just one big aphrodisiac. People even engage in ‘getting to know each other on a really intimate and personal level’ in public spaces!

The age of the place to retire has gone. It’s now a young area and that is not going to change anytime soon. It won’t be long before a soft play opens up, trust us.

So, a pool is a fantastic resource and Wanstead deserves it.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this. Give Jas Athwal your support and let’s see if we can even convince Paul Canal to back it and not play the votes game here.

We love you Wanstead!

5 thoughts on “Let’s Pool together – an open letter to Wanstead”

  1. Why are you stating that Wanstead High has taken a beating from Ofsted of late? Their last inspection moved them from ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Good’ and the current Head Teacher is extremely dedicated and an excellent leader. The school has improved a lot in recent years. Is there something we’ve missed?


    1. Of late means of late. We are fans of Wanstead High and the best way to help the School succeed is for locals to send their kids to it.
      Unfortunately we still see many Wanstead residents putting their kids in other schools.
      We even know people that rented their house out for a year to o


      1. Apologies, we have fat fingers.
        They rented their House out to move to a different postcode in order to get their child in a ‘better’ school…


  2. That’s very interesting, but one family is not that much evidence to state that the school has taken a beating from OFSTED. It’s anecdotal. You will find hundreds of families who are very happy with the school, and proud that their children are part of such a fab local community secondary school.


    1. Sure, we are sending our kids there. Especially now that they have a pool.

      What we want to achieve here is we ultimately get the pool. There are a lot of Wansteadium folk who don’t want a pool or change for Wanstead. If we cannot change the mid set of these people then Wanstead suffers and Wanstead High will also suffer.

      Vote Pool!


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