Parking – The Story so far

So, a week into the new Nazi parking scheme in Wanstead. The one where people now have to park to guarantee getting a space on their street for the sum of £45 a year (soon to be £20) and have to pay 35p each time a friend comes around for a cup of Maxwell House. The very same scheme that a lot of us have been in for years! Oh but the biggest pain is that the other Wanstead folk now have to walk 5 minutes around the corner to get some milk and not drive because they would have to pay should they go over the 30 minutes.

The arguments make no sense. On one hand they want to stop traffic in Wanstead but on the other it is ok for locals to pollute the air when they could simply walk. Then they say business will suffer as out of towners will be detracted because of the pay as you park scheme, but were they able to park anyway? I thought the spaces were all taken up by Theodore in his Range Rover who was nipping around the corner to get some foie gras (oh, that’s right.. Wanstead voted against that a few years ago).

But the best one that we like at Wanstead and Rum towers comes from Wanstead’s Favourite Rage Against The Machine Blog. One of the most vocal residents of Wanstead has stated that the people who suffer the most from the new parking restrictions are the less able. The people who struggle to walk and using a mobile phone is not an option. These very same people just do not have the skills to apply for a blue disabled badge, which would make the parking restrictions no concern for them. Yet these same people can apply for insurance, get an MOT and tax their car (we hope).

So, to the resident who brought this silly argument to the table, how about you do this..

Stop complaining about Foie Gras in restaurants. Stop complaining about pollution yet push for locals to have the right to drive around the corner. Stop trying to ban plastic straws. Stop trying to get parking restrictions reversed because it only affects you, the minority. Stop trying to get the speed limit reduced to 20mph. Stop complaining about back lit signage. Stop complaining that you want and M&S Food but then because of other issues you don’t. Stop complaining about the Swimming Pool Wanstead is getting next year.

Start to put your energy in helping those who might need it. If someone is unable to apply for a blue badge, help them rather than use it as an argument against something.

We can however reveal that in the first week of the scheme, no business shut down and no one died.

With all of that said, you could just vote Conservatives because Paul Canal has promised that if you vote for them, then He will reverse the decision (We also have a screen grab of this tweet for when he takes it down).

If you have any thoughts on this, please at a comment below.

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