Pay and Dismay

As pointed out by Wanstead’s favourite parking blog and the fact that unless you are blind or have been on another planet for the last year, the parking machines are here !!

But what does this mean…?

Well to start, it means that the non-locals who frequent our beautiful village will now have to pay for parking on top of the middle class tax for a sausage roll or loaf of bread from our middle class establishments.

It also means that our streets near the Tube stations will have ample spaces for friends who want to pop over in their 1990 Corsa’s to feel little whilst having a cup of freshly ground civet coffee and listen to us complain about how much it is costing us to send Olivia to private school.

But what it really means is that the locals now not only have to pay £45 a year to park the chauffeur Mobile on the street, but also have to pay in order to just hop into the car and park in the bus lane on the high street whilst the doing a bit of browsing to keep up appearances. This often results in them popping into Tesco in disguise to fill their Ginger Pig hemp bag with the reduced items. It also means that they have to have a stash of permits for their ‘friends’ at a whopping 35p a time in order to save them getting fined.

The reality is emissions will be reduced and the fat cats who do jump in the car and park illegally will get some well needed exercise.

This is a positive move Wanstead and many of us have been paying for permits for years! Welcome to the club and stop crying into your Gin.

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