Smoke and Mirrors

First you were promised an M&S by the end of January – #fakenews – and then Wanstead’s favourite Vape Blog promised that the old Roast building was going to be a Vape shop like the one in South Woodford, before then saying “its probably just going to be an Indian again”. Again #fakenews and somewhat disrespectful to people trying to make a business work.

To be written off before it has even revealed its self is not good form. Plus it proves that our Friends over at Wanstead’s Favourite Blog know nothing, John Snow.

We can reveal, because the big sign says so on the front, it is going to be a Mediterranean Restaurant. It’s been many things over the years, an Indian, a Thai, a Roast, a Thai again and now a Mediterranean.

We know how the friends of our friends will respond:

“Oh, not another Mediterranean restaurant, we want an Organic Carrot and Cucumber Restaurant with Vegan decor.”

Well ‘name to be confirmed’ we are looking forward to it. It is one less empty unit on our dying High Street and if you can get eight what the other entrepreneurs have failed to do so in the past, then good for you.

Wanstead and Rum Love a bit of the Med so we will venture along for a taste and some vino. Let’s hope you get rid of the dead mouse smell that haunted the place and please offer people plastic straws if they want them.

The unit next door is under offer, so we still might get the KFC, Subway or Paddy Power we need, although rumour has it the old Santander is under offer from Paddy, he like to make himself known and it is the Grand National soon.

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