M&S update

Well well well.. Wanstead’s favourite fake news site continues to promise Wanstead an M&S food and what’s more exciting is that it will be before the end of the month. The month has not been determined and the wool has been pulled over our eyes as January only has 9 more days left and there is no sign a a Percy Pig builder in sight!

We all know the truth, we were all set to have an M&S before the end of 2017 and it was on course. However the Wanstead mafia, which includes our friends at the worlds favourite Wanstead Blog, put a stop to it because they objected to an illuminated sign with the letters ‘M&S’ lighting up the High Street like Blackpool!

The issue is, they took it too far and so M&S have bailed.. now the Wanstead Mafia are desperately trying to lure M&S back and make out to the unsuspecting residents of Wanstead that they have ‘made’ it happen.

It WAS happening before those stuck in the 1800’s (and probably born) decided to get all political with no input from regular residents. M&S are not even advertising for staff for the fabled store which is another indication that it is NOT happening any time soon.

There are lessons to be learnt here, however unless the normal folk of Wanstead stand up to the mafia and ask for consultation on matters, we are afraid that this will happen again and again…

Remember, the Wanstead Mafia are all for local shops for local people.. that is unless a chain like Gail’s, The Ginger Pig or M&S are involved and there is money to be made (remember Gail’s splattered all over Wanstead’s favourite Bakery Blog… that was not done as a gesture of good will..).

So, do you want to make a change? Should we have a panel with regular people of Wanstead decide on important matters of signage, the type of establishment we want? Yes you do! Would you rather have an empty unit on the High Street or an actual business providing jobs for local people? We would like your say below.


Whilst advising you fine folk of the underlying problem, this has just come in from M&S:

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