Free (Plastic) Straws

You are probably all aware that the people with nothing better to do are trying to rid Wanstead of plastic straws. I mean this was front page news on the Standard! Clearly celebrities had a day off from flashing a boob or something similar.

Wanstead’s favourite Straw Blog is reporting on local business that have signed up to the scheme and are encouraging more, giving them a hefty pat on the back for doing so.We at Wanstead and Rum Towers have an issue with this.. Firstly plastic straws are only a problem for the environment if you choose to dispose of them irresponsibly. The sensible people would either recycle them or shred them to avoid them from getting stuck up a Sea Turtle nose, what are they snorting through them!?!Secondly children… no straws means a disaster when going for luncheon with ones children. Juice everywhere! Paper straws go soggy resulting in upset children.Thirdly, our friends over at Wanstead’s Favourite Community Blog think paper straws are the answer..We fail to see this. Already we can see that Wanstead’s Favourite Tree Blog is taking matters into their own hands and are felling trees in order to keep up demand for paper straws!This upsets us. At Wanstead and Rum we love a bit of tree hugging and the more paper straws then the fewer trees we will have lining our streets.So to combat this Wanstead and Rum have come up with the campaign “Save the Trees, free plastic straws for all!’ Wanstead and Rum have ordered a container of straws from China which should be here by the weekend. We will be on the High Street handing these out FREE of charge to the lovely people of Wanstead. We will also be supplying all of the paper straw outlets with a supply that they can give to customers who wish to use plastic over paper, all under the counter of course.You have a choice people of Wanstead. Remember, switching to paper straws only moves the problem. Be sensible and recycle the straws, think of the Sea Turtles and their addictions!

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