Sign of the times

Happy New Year!

2018 is clearly the year of the sign in Wanstead, and Wanstead’s Kebab House is the latest commercial venue to remove it’s sign in preparation for a new one.

Wanstead Society members were dribbling with anticipation as they looked forward to “Kebabaria” elegantly sketched in light caligraphy, the crackled goose grey letters complemented by a Farrow and Ball duck egg blue background.

It was not to be, as the Kebab House’s proprietor was just having a little joke, as he put exactly the same sign back up again. Environmentalists will no-doubt be over-the-moon with this land-fill-loving approach.

Wanstead and Rum takes a pro-kebab stance generally, as it considers it self to be fairly liberal when it comes to eating habits and Wanstead’s single kebab house offers a cuisine not seen elsewhere on the high street.  The Rum recommends the Chicken Shish.  Fluffy white pitta, lightly grilled medallions of chicken tikka, a sprinkle of salad, a dash of garlic sauce and garnished with four pickled chills. Voila! It’s to die for, and very similar to a recipe that can be found Nigella’s Christmas Cock-Book.

Which reminds me, this author once met a lover in a kebab house. Mario (of Kashmiri Spice, Manchester) couldn’t keep his eyes of me as he shaved the dribbling sides of his pork sword in to my clammy naan.

We digress…

Wanstead and Rum is pushing for the compulsory purchase half the coffee shops and nail bars, and these leases be let out to businessman from other areas of London who run high quality kebab based establishments so that we can promote this under-represented cuisine on our high street.  The little piles of vomit on the pavements of our village are a small price to pay.

To show that we are both passionate and lacking of understand of how the political system works, we’ve decided to force through our proposals through the use of a strongly worded letter and a page of signatures.  To show your support please sign below.  If we all put our best foot forward, we could make a minor difference by 2025!

Ed: We’d like to apologise for the quality of this post.  Here at Wanstead and Rum, we’ve got a bit of post-Christmas depression, and the alcohol that used to get our creative juices going has been banned until February.  We’ll endeavour to keep on top of it, but we may need to revert to the trimmed bush puns that we promised to cancel a couple of months ago.

2 thoughts on “Sign of the times”

  1. Not sure this is that bad of a post. Certainly compared to the click bait drivel ‘Wanstead’s Favourite Blog’ are currently posting..


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