Christmas Tree Collection

Today Wanstead’s Favourite Tree Blog reported two stories about Trees.

We at Wanstead and Rum would like to clear up a couple of things as they are publishing fake news.

Firstly the post about snapped trees on St Mary’s Drive… Those trees have been professionally cut down which is obvious from the images..

Secondly is about the Christmas Tree Amnesty from Redbridge Council.

Wanstead’s favourite fake news blog has reported that Redbridge Council have ‘Re-instated’ kerb side Christmas Tree Collection as part of the U-Turn from Redbridge to scrap the Garden Waste collection scheme from last year..

THIS IS NOT TRUE! Redbridge NEVER took away the Christmas Tree collection! See here for the original report from Redbridge on the (now cancelled) scheme:

The part you want to read is this:

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 15.21.48.png

We at Wanstead and Rum are annoyed by this. Publishing fake news in order to get hits on the website which leads to monetisation is greed. Wanstead and Rum will never host adverts nor ask you to sell your soul to the devil to only buy from retailers by clicking though our site.

We will be contacting Redbridge Council to advise them of the fake news posted.

Don’t worry folks, we will be back to the satirical posts very soon.

1 thought on “Christmas Tree Collection”

  1. Yes it’s unbelievable. All last year there were no collections for no Christmas trees. All through the summer we had no Christmas trees to collect and were they collected? No. I rang Redbridge to complain and they promised to send no lorry to collect my no trees so a win there.

    The next thing I need to do is try and reinstate the council cutting the grass again on our non existent grass verges. They used to not come and not cut the grass we don’t have but they no longer do this. Bloody austerity or political correctness or Brexit no doubt.


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