Wanstead Snow Pics

As Wanstead’s favourite Snow Photo blog posted some stunning images of the white stuff today we, at Wanstead and Rum towers, thought we should share the best of the ones our community members took and forwarded to us.

First up is Harold from Redbridge Lane West. Here Harold has taken a beautiful photo of the Snow at it’s best at the crossing near The George:

Then we have Mary from Nightingale Lane with an amazing composition of Snow mixed with Salt outside of the Tube Station:

Simon who lives above the shops on the High Street (not sure which one), has taken an outstanding snap to show the depth of Snow we received. This is Wanstead and Rums personal favourite:

Keith on his way back from Stratford, once the central line was operating again, got this sign at Leytonstone Station which was almost covered by the blizzard we saw on Sunday. Thank goodness for GPS otherwise the Tube drivers would get lost!

Then Kathy from Oak Hall Court managed to get a great shot to show why the tubes were unable to run:

Geoffrey from just off The Green managed to stumble across this beauty on The Green:

Great work guys and thanks for submitting the shots!

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