Two new supermarkets

Well well well….

Today, Wanstead’s favourite supermarket blog revealed that M&S is possibly, maybe still opening in Wanstead in January, possibly, maybe.

But, as exclusively revealed by Wanstead and Rum only days ago, Sainsburys have now also confirmed that they are opening in January in Wanstead.

So, with Co-op, Tesco, M&S, Sainsburys and not to forget about Global Food and Wine, us Wanstead folk are certainly going to be spoilt for choice.

Wanstead and Rum are going to be busy finding the best deals in Wanstead for our everyday essentials!

No doubt the local Upper Middle Class will be straight out to get the M&S bags for life and parading them up and down the High Street, proving their wealth. It also won’t be long before the same crowd forget the existence of the other outlets and only mention M&S as if we have had it for decades.

As for Two dine for £10, we understand that the delay for the store opening wasn’t only based on the proposed Signage which the Wanstead Conservation Dictatorship objected against, but that the same group do not want the Meal Deal! It is a decision made to deter those who are not as well off as the rest of them.

So, M&S will be opening at the end of January, however those of us that sit in the lower middle class category are going to be disappointed.

Conveniently though, it is next door to the George where two can dine for £7 anyway.

However, to sign off Wanstead and Rum would like to congratulate Sainsburys on bringing more variety to the High Street! Just please make sure you follow the signage rules.

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