Bad news for new potential local business.

Wanstead’s Favorite bank blog has today dropped the bombshell that the NatWest bank on the High Street is NOT, we repeat NOT closing.

Here at Wanstead and Rum we are unaffected (we sloshed all our lolly in to The Caymen Islands long ago) – but this is very bad news for the ‘local shops for local people Society’, as this is another dreadful chain taking up prime real estate.

Wanstead and Rum have heard from the grape vine that many companies and entrepreneurs were looking at this real estate, and we’re certainly pleased they have not moved it!   Subway, KFC, Paddy Power, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s are now all looking at alternative locations, thank goodness.  Image the kind of working class clientele these would attract!

However some genuine contenders for Wanstead’s-Middle-Class-Boutique-of-the-Year are going to miss out:

  • There was the Brazilian Barbers to challenge the Turkish Barbers.  (Always make sure your collars and cuffs match)
  • Jo’s Deconstructed Coffee Emporium.  (Apparently you had to crush the beans with your teeth, then suck water from a sponge)
  • Finally, Derek’s Wonky Veg Store, which was promising a refund on every carrot that made you giggle.

We even heard that Mary’s Inside Out Bakery was going to open, offering to sell Baguettes, Bagels, Buns, Baps, Balm cakes and Breadsticks from a £17 a go!  What a loss!

Oh, and some lovely squatters were also lining up to take residence!  Not the grotty lot with Opioid addictions and wet patches in their crotches, no no, the lovely bohemian ones who practice free love and read the Guardian.

We can only hope that these fantastic other interests will look at alternative locations on the High Street!  The site previously occupied by Santander perhaps, or the plot avoided by M&S after The Wanstead Society demanded a Harrods Food Hall instead?

We are sure you are disappointed by the news, let us know your thoughts below.  REMEMBER, at Wanstead and Rum, we let ALL the comments through!*

*Unless you are President Donald Trump, and you’d like to link to some far right racial hatred groups.  You can fuck right off.

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