Snow Dear…

Oh dear… the first snow of the season has fallen this morning and it can only mean one thing..


Wanstead and Rum sent the kids out to catch the snow on their tongues, and we can reveal that it is the wrong type of snow.

This can only mean one thing, public transport will be well and truly broken.

Tubes will be delayed, if able to run. Trains will be cancelled, buses will be over crowded. Whatever will the Wanstead working class folk do!

We could walk or jump on the W12 Variety Bus to Walthamstow and get the Victoria line into the city. We could get Uber’s to Stratford or the middle class lot could even attempt to drive (or get your driver to drop you off). Don’t expect a car share though.

Wanstead and Rum however believe that we should all just declare Snow Days, attach the unused tennis rackets to your feet and venture into the High Street and camp in one of the Public Houses and drink mulled wine until it passes over.

Make sure you get some lovely blurry photos on your smart phone and submit them to Wanstead’s Favorite Photo Blog, who knows they might even publish one or two after checking you aren’t out to tease them! 😉

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