To laugh or not to laugh..

Well, it appears Wanstead is not big enough for more than one blog, or at least one with a second opinion and some banter.

Whilst we at Wanstead and Rum Towers are simply injecting a bit of light hearted fun into peoples lives, Wanstead’s ‘you can only be a member if you are super middle class and agree with us’ blog has decided to snub Wanstead and Rum and block us from commenting on their fantastic array of ‘it is our way or the highway’ posts on the web and Facebook.

This also continues to other Wanstead community pages on Facebook and even as far as the dictatorship of the Wanstead Society.

Wanstead and rum would like to ensure readers that we support an open press, and as such comments on this site will always be accepted and posted below

So, if we can only have one blog in Wanstead, we can exclusively reveal that it will be….. Wanstead and Rum!

Yes, we will beat the bullies! and we will continue to inject some fun into your lives.

See you all down the George!

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