Concern for the Fern

Well it’s is that time of the year again where the Wanstead Christmas Tree saga is the unnecessary topic for discussion.

Over the years we have had to deal with a leaning tree, a half lit tree, potentially no tree, and even an angsty tree that would not light up after the local children counted down from 10 to 0.

Well this year Wanstead and Rum can reveal that the tree is now securely in place, ready for the big switch on. (date and time TBC)

So what will the saga be this year? Already we can see that the star is not straight, possibly a testament to the tree being an atheist?

At Wanstead and Rum we’re confident that this year will go without a hitch! #it certainly seems very popular. In the short time that we observed the tree, it was visited by three families with small children, was bumped in to by one hasty dad reading his phone on the way to the tube station, and carefully inspected by three dogs each doing their business.

There is some nervousness that the tree has been dressed in a star without its consent, with some questioning whether the wishes of the fern had been considered.

Mary (26) from Elmcroft Avenue explained:

“Tree’s have feelings too. Let them express themselves. If the tree wants to replace the star with a tiara then let it be.”

Mary has stated that she will be starting a crowd funding campaign to buy the tree a tiara to replace the wonky star. Details will be posted on Wanstead and Rum when the campaign is up and running.

Wanstead and Rum contacted Redbridge Council about the issue. After 57 rings, Billy from the front desk finished picking his nose and answered our call to give the matter his urgent attention:

“Well guv, with all the heat we have had over the years from the people of Wanstead, we thought it best to get the tree in early. However this may have back fired on us. We have simply given the locals more time to find things wrong with it.

“One lady called the other day stating it was too fat, another saying it was the wrong shade of green. Apparently it is not the Wanstead green? Then we had a guy call asking about the lumens rating of the bulbs. Finally there was a concern that it was self-harming after one of the larger branches blew off.

I expect we will have to change the tree several times before the switch on before local residents are content.”

What do you think? Wanstead and Rum would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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