Two dine (or not to dine) for £10

The M&S saga continues.

Wanstead and Rum can reveal that the Percy Pig pushers are reconsidering their proposed presence on the High Street.

We understand that the Wanstead Society are being intransigent on the matter of illuminated signage which is causing the delay in a decision. Representing the Society, Helen (57) had this to say:

“Well I have been shocked, offended, disappointed and outraged on so many Wanstead matters over the last six months, that I’d completely forgotten what my opinion was on M&S.  I was definitely For-It at one point. But then I did a U-turn and so I was against. Or was it two U-turns?

“I couldn’t remember so in the end I tossed a coin.  I can now report that it was ‘heads’ and am absolutely completely against any kind of shop with illuminated signage making a mockery of Wanstead and ruining the memory of Diana.”

A representative from M&S was questioned on the matter:

“We were all set to start the shop-fitting of the unit on the High Street, but we were forced to put a hold on proceedings after the Local society were not accepting of our illuminated signage.”

Wanstead and Rum caught up with some of the locals at the Farmers’ Market last weekend.

Rob (50) from Overton Drive was not pleased with the news:

“This is truly upsetting. Trinity and Elijah will be starting University this year and we were relying on M&S opening so that the house prices would rise and we could remortgage in order to buy a new yacht.  If we don’t see the increase then we will have to sacrifice the children’s education.”

Theresa (29) who preferred not to say where she lived, was confused and annoyed:

“First Wansteadiums are pushing for an M&S, then decide that due to a few light bulbs at the front of the store that it is unacceptable.”

She continued:

“Well I will tell you what is unacceptable:  I will now have to either drive to South Woodford to click and collect the food for Christmas Lunch, or subject my family to the horrors of Tesco finest!”

We at Wanstead and Rum all hope for our Percy Pig addiction, and 2 meals for £10 sake, that a resolution can be come to soon. Oh and that of our house prices.

3 thoughts on “Two dine (or not to dine) for £10”

  1. I’m afraid I had to let the Wanstead Society know about this disgraceful slur on their character. They are shocked, offended, disappointed and outraged. Expect some of them to follow you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah so that was your post on the Facebook group :

      “Someone has written a hugely funny parody of Wanstead in which the Society gets a mention. To show we don’t take ourselves too seriously, have a read. It’s a great laugh. “

      Top work 🙂


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