Local Art for Local People

Wanstead and Rum can report that Wanstead is leading the way in the art of Oxygen and Empty Space Museums on the High Street.

This is something of a trend that has gone relatively unnoticed as an actual thing, but we can reveal that this new trend was pioneered right here in E11.

Oxygen and Empty Space enthusiasts have been snapping up units by outbidding potential local business entrepreneurs and High Street chains, in order to give Wansteadiums a taste of the future.

With the high number of the museums popping up on the high street, Geoff (62) from St Mary’s Drive has taken the initiative to form the ‘Local empty units for local people’ society.

Geoff spoke with Wanstead and Rum:  “It is very important that we have a set of strict guidelines when it comes to including a new addition of an Oxygen and Empty Space museum on the High Street.  We cannot just have any old Rod, Jane or Freddy opening one without following the rules!”

He continued: “For example the unit must have been a previous local business that people thought they wanted but didn’t, take Judith’s curtain shop for example or The Orange Tree garish decor shop.  It is then important that the unit is subject to a potential offer from a High Street chain.  Banks are very good units to consider, we have already approved HSBC and the coming installation in the Santander building.”

It does not always work out though: “We were pipped at the post by Gail’s in the old Barclays building.  This was set to be our head office, but due to political reasons we lost out,  we miscalculated the demand for a £24-per-loaf bread.”

There are also exclusions: “If a unit has an offer from an estate agent or cafe then they get first refusal, but we are confident that there are more than enough units for us to have a huge presence in wanstead.”

Good luck Geoff from us all at Wanstead and Rum.

Wanstead’s Favorite News site has some exciting news for Redbridge!! Good job Wanstead is already prepared.

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