All the trimmings

Fantastic news emerged today on Wanstead’s Favorite Gardening Blog detailing how Redbridge council has performed a u-turn on garden waste collection subscription payments.

From next year, Redbridge council will revert back to the woven sacks and fortnightly collections of all your garden waste, including the odd bit of metal and car batteries you always sneak in amongst the leaves.

Barbara (47) from Elmcroft Avenu was delighted by his news:

“This is great news. Derek is on the sick and we are saving the pounds so that we can still enjoy holidays to Benidorm. I was upset about having to pay the £1 a month for my bush trimmings to be collected by the council. My bush is so big and gets out of control very quickly if it is not maintained, so we had to take the rough with the smooth and pay the ransom.”

To add:

“Those flimsy bags used to split open with the coarse contents which was very embarrassing, especially when my bush remains were blown all over the street.”

Well done to those involved in pushing back to Redbridge on this. Glad to see that they never threw in the trowel.

Ed: We promise that’s it for Bush-Puns until December. If you want more poor jokes about your Mary, you’ll have to wait until the first day of advent.

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