Simplified new parking regime

As posted on Wanstead’s Favorite middle class meet up regarding the new parking proposal changes, Wanstead and Rum felt we could simplify it even more.

So, here is the deal… currently some residents pay for Parking. This prevents folk parking their cars and commuting to work each morning, resulting in streets full of vehicles.

The proposal is to extend this in order to prevent folk blocking the streets off the High Street when visiting the array of Betting shops, Estate Agents and overpriced food outlets. This in turn will make cleaner air and safer roads for residents.

But… some Wanstead folk are not happy about this.

Arthur (58) from Cowley Road criticised the scheme – “One pays ones council tax and road tax already, it will be inconvenient for one to have to walk to the High Street now rather than one drive 50 yards around the corner to park outside of Gail’s and nip in for a virgin sweat infused loaf.”

Cassandra (62) from Nightingale Lane stressed – “This is simply proposterous.. expecting residents to pay £45 a year to park outside their homes and in turn making it difficult to park off the high street without asking Felicity for a day pass is not acceptable. How will I be able to afford to pay the gardener to trim my bush now?!”
Mike (43) from Mansfield Road however states – “We have paid for residents parking for years. If we are One Wanstead then we should all have to pay. Those folk who drive around the corner are not happy about not being able to park their Morris minors outside the shops need to pipe down”

So, a mixed bag of comments. Wanstead and Rum does not choose any side but does suggest that we demolish the park to make for parking spaces. Local residents should be allowed 1 hours free parking so that they can look in the Ginger Pig window whilst their butlers pop to Tesco to buy reduced meat for dinner.

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