Mrs Frosty

As is tradition on Wanstead’s Favorite Social get together to mention the first frost of the season, we thought we would jump on the band wagon with Wanstead’s First Freezer Defrosting of the season.

Luckily for us, Amanda (38) from Nutter Lane was on hand to tell us about her frosty experience.

Amanda told us – “In the summer months I like to put my panties in the freezer, clean of course, to help me cool down during those long summer nights.”

She continued – “After having 6 kids it’s difficult to self regulate in sticky conditions. After trying all the sprays, creams and rubs on the market, having some ice cold smalls in the freezer is an absolute delight at night.”

Importantly she added – “However this summer was not as hot as previous and that coupled with me and Albert trying for a 7th, we forgot about the panties and they quickly got lost in the back of the freezer amongst the frost! The kids were not taking packed lunches to school either and therefore the make shift lunch box coolers were not required, which is another use for them.”

Amanda was left in freezer defrosting hell, however she had a eureaka moment and using her House wife initiative, whipped out the hair dryer.

What could have taken 3 days to defrost took 20 minutes and the panties were in tact.

We salute you Amanda for producing the first defrosting story of the season.

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