Two new local facilities for Wanstead

What a weekend indeed it was for Wanstead.

After the disappointment of learning that M&S Food is set to be delayed again, there was a silver lining with the grand opening of the Wanstead Caravan Park and Wanstead Recycling Centre.

Located at the Evergreen plot on the High Street, the Campsite and Recycling Center proudly but quietly opened at 9:00pm on Saturday night.

Wanstead and Rum managed to grab some time with the new venture owner, Cormac, who was in high spirits about the opening. When asked why the Evergreen site, Cormac responded:

“Well, it already has a problem with Rats and after the failed opportunity to build houses reminiscent of ones that did exist here many years ago, followed up with an attempt to build a mosque, it was the logical next step.  Do you wanna buy a daag?”

Cormac also stated that this is only the start of his entrepreneurial activity in Wanstead.

“We have already started to trail a free collection service from the local shops and washing lines plus we will soon be assembling the team to go door to door in order to offer our high class drive way and roof fixing Services.  Did I ask ya if you wanna buy a daag??”

By Sunday morning the campsite was already very busy with Travellers who all seemed to be in good spirits and enjoying the craic and local facilities like the shops, park and The George.

The Recycling Center was also becoming very popular with empty gas canisters, old windows/doors and plaster board already recycled on site.

We asked some local residents about the new facilities.

Alice (29) was grateful that she no longer had to drive to Ilford in order to recycle her old goods.

“For me it’s great, now I can walk around the corner to recycle my old IKEA furniture which I have replaced with John Lewis furniture and save on emissions.”

Nick (42) however was less welcoming to the news.

“I shall be buying a steering wheel lock for my car, you just never know.”

It was always likely to split opinions I guess, but Wanstead and Rum believe that this is fantastic news.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 21.00.10


Since writing this article we understand that Cormac and Co have found an alternative site for their venture, meaning another company has left the High Street. We wish Cormac and Co all the best in the future.

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