It’s generally agreed that Wanstead provides a lot of choice for the modern drinker.  The Duke and The Manor House have great beers, food and atmosphere.  The Cuckfield has wonderful outdoor space in the summer months, and The George has cheerfully priced beers if the dole cheque has just come in, and you’d like to pop in without going through the formalities of doing your flies up.

But what about a bit of post-last-orders entertainment?

The tragic demise of Hugh Hefner – with his admirable legacy of promoting immigration from Eastern Europe – has reignited the debate amongst Wanstead Men about where to go for a bit of fun when you’ve had eight pints and the bell has rung.  Certainly not back to your own marital bed when you’ve fallen up the stairs and woken the kids up, that’s for sure.

Until now there’s only been one option, and the blue bottles orbiting the fizzing sign of the Male Grooming Centre suggest the kind of service that only suits an acquired taste and a lot of confidence.

However, it looks like there’s now another option on the horizon, and Wanstead-And-Rum brings you this EXCLUSIVE story.

28a Addison Road has stood empty since 27th August.  It was sold by the Burrages:  Ann, John, Elsie and Ollie, who sold it in a rush after Ollie discovered Ann’s stash of Asian Babe magazine in the cellar – and didn’t keep his promise not to tell his dad.  Elsie was immediately withdrawn from Forest school part way through her A-levels, which frankly let everybody down.

In the rush, it seems they didn’t pay attention to the buyer.  The land registry shows 28a is now owned by, the reputable firm behind Tittie-Tittie-Bang-Bang in Mayfair, and Middle-Class-Milf in Loughton.


Blueprints – seen by this website – along with an application for a liquor licence submitted to Redbridge council last month – suggest the three bed Edwardian semi is about to be transformed in to a fetish club with 2 bars, a Dungeon, a Spanking-Wall and a Recovery Lounge –  with a complete disregard for the properties original features.

The opening date looks to be set for halloween to open with a squeal, so watch this space.

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